Super Performance

Dress shoes are typically flat, very hard and used for walking over long periods of time – day after day – year after year. This is fundamentally unnatural  and will create stress and strain on joints and other flex points throughout the body. 

We would like to take a moment to warn you that there are many brands out there that slap a memory foam insole inside their hard shoes and tout that they have created a comfortable “performance shoe.” Sure, this will create a marginally more comfortable feel temporarily, but at it’s core, it’s just another hard soled shoe.

A memory foam footbed on a hard soled shoe, to us, is like putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a super-model. This is NOT what Fliteless has done.

Premium Leather

100% calf - smooth to the touch

Adaptive fit

Allows for a comfy and snug fit

Responsive Stability

HD Thermoplastic Shank

Zoned Softness

Anatomically patterned Bounce Pads

Rebound & Lightness

Responsive energy foam blend

Durable Grip

Natural Rubber Profile

Instead, the Fliteless development team has re-engineered the dress shoe from the ground up using state of the art running shoe design technology. We’ve paired ergonomic fit, anatomical component patterning and innovative new materials to create the lightest sole system on the market.

Stability, unrivalled flexibility, rebound and extensive cushioning has physically been injected into the shoes very foundation. Our sole system is not an innovation – it is an invention. There is simply nothing better to fit the life of a busy modern professional.

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