Long Wing Lug Sole

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Color & Material Black Pebble Grain Lug Sole

The Counsellor is the beloved Longwing. Whether a less formal work situation or dining on the weekends these shoes are versatile essentials.

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The Counsellor is our beloved Longwing – an everyday – all day must have. Whether sporting to a less formal work situation or dining on the weekends, these shoes, in combination with our proprietary sole system, are versatile essentials.

Our Longwings proportions sync beautifully with both casual outfits & business attire, and the pinking and perforations of the shoe add a lot of visual interest to such outfits.

Available in 100% Italian suede and pebble grain leathers. Comes in Soft Bounce and Energy Rebound.

For the shoe buffs:   A longwing is a style of brogue in which the wingtip perforations span the full length of both sides of the shoe, meeting at the heel counter. In other words, the “wing” tip is “long”er than your typical brogue, hence the term “longwing.”

Tech Specs

Outsole Natural rubber (NR)
Bounce pads SOFT BOUNCE: 35HV Softness (AKA VERY SOFT)
Weight 13 ounces / 369 grams (single shoe / reference size 9)
Last The Derby last with a rounded toe. Fits well for a high arch.
Width Our shoes are a medium width, standard D
Upper Pebble grain leather from Spain
Liner Soft calf leather from Legio region in Italy
Shoe type Derby
Produced in Portugal

Size Guide

All feet are different and we want to make sure that you receive the shoe right for you. In order to lessen the environmental impact of excess shipping we hope that you will carefully pick your size which will result in less transportation and pollution.

Important Notes Regarding our FLITELESS fit:

  • All our Fliteless shoes are running 1/2 size large.  We recommend you place your order in a size 0.5 smaller than your usual foot size.
  • Remember – returns are free in Europe and North America!



North America & Europe:

  • Free shipping via tracked DHL service. Expect product to arrive within 2-4 business days after placing your order.

Outside of North America and Europe:

  • $20 Standard shipping via tracked DHL service. Expect product to arrive within 2-4 business days after placing your order.


We are so confident you will love your Fliteless shoes that we offer FREE returns on all unworn products within 14 days of receipt.

No hidden restocking fees. No store credit. We even include the return shipping label in your shipments – so, you don’t even need a printer.

We say FREE, we mean it!


In order for your shoes to last longer and keep their looks there are certain care measurements that should be taken into consideration.

Before applying any shoe care products your shoes should dry and be brushed down to remove old dust and dirt.

Always cover up the colored bounce pads on the profile of your Fliteless shoes before applying shoe cream or any shoe care product.  We suggest using a small piece of tape.

There are some simple steps to follow if you want to increase the longevity of your shoes as well keeping the appearance top notch:

  • Try to avoid using the same pair of leather shoes every day in order to let them dry out properly. Leather is a natural material that is worn out quicker when moist. This rule applies to all leather products.
  • Use a shoe horn when putting your shoes on. Using a shoe horn will reduce the strain on the heal of the shoe.
  • Use a shoe tree daily to maintain the shape of your shoe, avoiding excess creasing as well as helping the drying process.
  • Brush away old dirt and dust and use a damp cloth or sponge to prepare your shoe for treatment.
  • For leather shoes you should regularly apply a conditioning shoe cream to keep the leather supple, hydrated and to increase its water resistance. Remember to cover up the colored bounce pads on the profile of your Fliteless shoes before applying shoe cream or any other shoe care product. We suggest using a small piece of tape.
  • We also recommend treating our suede shoes with a suede protector before use.

What makes our shoe so special?

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Premium Leather

100% calf - smooth to the touch

Adaptive fit

Allows for a comfy and snug fit

Responsive Stability

HD Thermoplastic Shank

Zoned Softness

Anatomically patterned Bounce Pads

Rebound & Lightness

Responsive energy foam blend

Durable Grip

Natural Rubber Profile

"For the first time I actually look forward to putting on a dress shoe"

"I received my shoe box & thought maybe they had forgot to put shoes inside! Shockingly light"

Pole position

Our shoes give you a head start on life every morning

Faster stride

Max rebound for faster stride

Personalized soft comfort

Choose the sole softness that is best for you

Smart running shoe tech

Run Forest, Run!


The closest you will get to flying without leaving the ground

Strain reduction

Reduced strain on feet, knees and back to keep you going all day

Stable arch support

Adaptive fit with anatomically patterned support


The perfect blend of high quality leathers, technology and craftmanship