Give a pair of shoes – get 30% off

encouraging re-use.

You donate any pair of re-usable shoes in your local donation/recycling bin.
We support returning customers with 30% off on all our shoes – anytime.

We believe in better shoes – better health – better days.  Yet we also strongly believe in re-use of good shoes as a sustainable concept. If we can contribute to more donations of great shoes by offering an attractive value proposition – that’s great!  

We’re excited about our product and the benefits our clients can get, yet we’re not thrilled about taking part in stuffing more products into the marketplace and in their closets.  

We want to raise attention to those great spare pairs of shoes that still have lots of milage. We want to get them back into the market and extend their lifecycle. 


Many of us have lightly worn shoes we never use, which can be of great benefit for someone else. Either in the form of a re-sale by a charitable organization or simply given to someone in need of them.  


We can offer 30% off to existing customers because they know the product and their correct size.
All our shoes share the same last so each shoe have the same fit. Thereby we don’t need to calculate a premium for potential exchange/returns (free shipping is included), 

For the initial purchase deals can vary (look to the top menu bar), here free exchange is included. We know free return is customer friendly, but it is not environmentally friendly. We choose to stand with the environment on this one – as with most other issues. 


This is a trust based donation program. We will never know whether you kept your end of the bargain – your word is good enough for us, (air shipping your old shoes back to us for verification would not be a sustainable option.)
We believe in people and a sane sustainable idea.

If you dig RE-USE send us a donation pic and help spread the word.