project: Fliteless™

A holistic approach to a modern footwear concept.

Fliteless started as a project to make the best possible dress shoes for the urban professional. Naturally, it would need to look classy like any top quality hand-made dress shoe – but it would need another equally important dimension – to be in the forefront of technological advancements and provide comfort and health benefits along the way.  A footwear that will contribute to your daily activities and help you leap further.  A performance shoe ideal for a modern life on-the-go.  

a healthy choice

Today we spend most of our time paving hard surfaces (concrete, pavements, hard floors).
We commute, we run errands, we’re off to meetings – we’re simply busy and on our feet from dawn to dusk. 

Wearing shoes with hard soles against hard floors can over time create significant tension on joints and muscles and stress feet, knees and back. 

So we set out to develop an active sole system that works with you as you walk and live your life.
(Hence; it’s not flat, hard and dead.)

it’s all in the sole.

Engineered for movement and to reduce strain on feet, knees and back.
Soles with aircones™ fit for a modern life on-the-go.

quality. handmade. classic.

Soft Italian leathers and padded pressure points make for a comfortable and flexible wear. Footbeds  are ergonomically molded for a snug and soft fit. Our shoes are made in Portugal, in a family workshop with generations of fine craftmanship.

softness. stability. comfort.

A proprietary flex board is sandwiched between the shoe upper and the outsole. It evenly transcends the characteristics of the outsole into the total shoe experience. 

Made of 100% recycled material. 100% recyclable.

rebound. energy. active.

We’ve engineered air cones on forefoot and heal to encourage movement.  Through rebound, flexibility and shock absorption it allows for a healthy stride. This sole is active and participates as you move about. 

Made of 40% recycled rubber. 100% recyclable.


Fliteless is committed to its social and environmental responsibility. We strive towards developing our shoes as environmentally friendly as possible and where we can use recycled materials and components we do so. This is a continuous task which we take very seriously and is a crucial part of the Fliteless DNA.

Natural Leathers
We use natural calf leathers and suedes carefully chosen for their texture, colour and durability. Fliteless works with certified tanneries, which assess the compliance and environmental performance of tanneries globally aiming to promote best practice in the tanning industry.
Our tanneries meet REACH chemical standards, so our leathers are produced with the purpose to minimise its impact on health and the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases.

Soles: 40% recycled and 100% recyclable
Our outsoles are produced using 40% recycled materials – coming from old outsoles, plastic bottles and waisted rubber, and 100% recyclable.

100% recycled footbeds
Our calf leather lined padded footbeds are made from 100% recycled high density polyurethane foam developed for superior comfort and breathability.

100% recycled and recyclable flex boards
Our proprietary flex boards are developed using 100% recycled cellulose fibres, combined with 100% recycled high density polyurethane injection inserts – all designed to provide superior comfort.

100% recycled and recyclable packaging
The Fliteless shoe boxes are made from 100% recycled card board which is 100% recyclable using only a small amount of water based glue to assemble it. We also use recycled tissue paper and recycled shoebox stickers.