Our journey began in 2016, with a mission to engineer the world’s lightest and most absurdly comfortable dress shoe, tailored to the lifestyle of today’s modern man. 

To put it simply, Fliteless is the super-performance dress shoe brand which blends technology, personalized comfort & timeless elegance to give you a Faster, Softer, Smarter walk. 


An ordinary day of mattress shopping sparked the idea for Fliteless. People can choose the softness of their mattress to suit their preference, and they can do the same with sneakers to suit their athletic endeavors – but why can’t they do the same with dress shoes in which they spend so much of their day?

Determined to modernize an industry that has remained stagnant for centuries, Fliteless was born.


The Fliteless concept solves a common problem of the modern working professional: commuting to and from work in sneakers to avoid the discomfort of dress shoes. Fliteless provides the solution by combining the technology & bounce of a running shoe with the elegance of a classic dress shoe.  We take this solution one step further by allowing our customers to choose the sole experience that best suits their lifestyle, needs and preferences – a first for a footwear brand. 

Dress shoes are an important part of our lives – they accompany us as we pursue our passions, as we meet milestones and as we work towards our broader life goals. Dress shoes are part of our daily well-being and they better be damn comfortable! To cut it short, comfortable soled shoes will reduce tension on knees, back and body, while optimizing your daily output.  However, without the refined look and level of quality, all the comfort in the world is irrelevant. Only a well-balanced combination is a viable solution.  


Now, this idea of a more comfortable dress shoe has been addressed before, yet we have never found a suitable option that successfully balanced form with function.  We knew we had to fuse fine, skilled traditional craftmanship with cutting-edge, hi-tech engineering. The artisanship and choice of leathers delivers the lux authenticity while the ergonomic, multi-molded sole system creates the magic.  Only when these pieces came together did we find the answer we had been searching for.

Our Super-Performance sole system

Our Craftmanship

In the process of inventing the most radical outsoles on the market, we identified the need for two distinctive outsole systems; ENERGY REBOUND & SOFT BOUNCE.  Athletic shoe brands have afforded its customers this choice of sole experience best fit for a specific athletic pursuit for decades.  Here in the Fliteless lab, we also found a correlation in our customers lifestyle and his amount of walking, standing and pace – with his preferred outsole choice.

Our two distinctive outsole systems


The Ostrich has attitude, it kicks hard and is one hell of a runner – with an insane sprint of 60 mph (96.6 km/hr).  Being flightless, it’s developed an ability to outrun any animal over time (yes, even the cheetah) and it’s also the fastest animal on two legs over any distance.  

The Ostrich is a badass flightless champion and it keeps inspiring us to break new ground.

With our shoes, you’ll still be FLITELESS, but you’ll be damn fast!


With over 40 years of footwear experience behind them, Founders Johan Ringdal, Anders Sverdrup-Dahl & Paul Fleming are industry veterans, who previously launched SWIMS, & are no stranger to challenging the traditional paradigms of footwear.