Faster. Softer. Smarter.

The most comfortable invention since sweat-pants.

Bud Fox

The biggest advancement in modern technology since the cell phone.

Pierce & Pierce, Equity Research, October 2018

“Softest and lightest dress shoe on the market… set to revolutionize the way men wear shoes”

“Minimum weight and maximum comfort…we’ve tried them, it’s crazy”

“Extreme comfort right out of the box.”

“Look sharp and won’t feel like a metal-lined straitjacket for your toes.”

Zoned bounce for absurd comfort

No more tired feet and body aches caused by hard dress shoes. Build a productive day on the right foundation.

Extensive cushioning

Stable arch support

Strain reduction


Walk friendly


Choose your sole

We offer all shoes in two different sole experiences catering to different needs.

We do not offer hard soles.

Go sole searching. Only takes about 20 sec.

Soft Bounce

Max cushioning and softness

  • Promotes a slower, yet lengthier performance
  • Ideal for longer distances & extensive time on your feet

Energy Rebound

Responsive softness

  • Promotes a dynamic, quick pace
  • Ideal for shorter bursts of running around town

A million stories of aching feet in hard dress shoes. A million reasons to do something about it. Fliteless is the super-performance dress shoe, which masterfully blends tech, personalized comfort and timeless elegance.

Engineered for a better day

Welcome walking

Whether to or from work, between meetings, down the hallway and up the stairs. More movement - more performance.

Hello! Endurance

Records are broken with high output over time. Our engineers have developed a sole system for the purpose of minimizing strain on feet, knees and back.

Speedy performance

You’ve set your target. It’s all about how fast you can achieve your goal.