sensational comfort
– from start to finish





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A unique sole technology for superior comfort and all-day performance.

it’s all in the sole.

Engineered for movement and to reduce strain on feet, knees and back.
Soles with aircones™ fit for a modern life on-the-go.

quality. handmade. classic.

Soft Italian leathers and padded pressure points make for a comfortable and flexible wear. Footbeds  are ergonomically molded for a snug and soft fit. Our shoes are made in Portugal, in a family workshop with generations of fine craftmanship.

softness. stability. comfort.

A proprietary flex board is sandwiched between the shoe upper and the outsole. It evenly transcends the characteristics of the outsole into the total shoe experience. 

Made of 100% recycled material. 100% recyclable.

rebound. energy. active.

We’ve engineered air cones on forefoot and heal to encourage movement.  Through rebound, flexibility and shock absorption it allows for a healthy stride. This sole is active and participates as you move about. 

Made of 40% recycled rubber. 100% recyclable.